This Virtual Whisky Masterclass Will Help You Become A Master Blender

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This Virtual Whisky Masterclass Will Help You Become A Master Blender

Put your palate to the test and design your perfect whisky at Chivas’ online whisky masterclass.

Perfection is a wonderfully subjective thing: everyone has their own idea of what it should look like. That’s especially true when it comes to a spirit as beloved as whisky, where the subtleties of flavour inspire almost tribal loyalties. Master whisky blenders Chivas recognise that everyone’s got their own preferences and tastes when it comes to whisky, which is why they’ll be putting the art of the blend in your capable hands at a fascinating virtual whisky masterclass. Tickets can be found here, and you can read on for more information.

Under the tutelage of Chivas Global Brand Ambassador, Rhys Wilson, you’ll be embarking on a one-hour Zoom session that explores the signature Chivas house style, and the five flavour profiles – floral, citrus, creamy, fruity, and smoky – which go into making it. Whilst Chivas have a pretty good idea of their perfect blend, they’re giving you the incredible opportunity to tweak your own concoction at this session, creating a dram that you’re going to enjoy come rain or shine.

A Chivas The Blend pack, which you can order here, will be delivered to your home ahead of the session, containing everything you need to get started. Inside, you’ll find a range of malt and gain whiskies, each with a different flavour profile that’ll appeal to different palates. By experimenting with the contents of your pack, you’ll be able to discover a unique blend that’s been designed specifically by you, for you.

Whether you’re keen on a smoky whisky, or aiming for something light and floral, you’ll be able to create your dream blend with this masterclass, all whilst picking the brains of a whisky maestro. After all, no-one knows what you like better than you, which means there’s no blend better than #MyChivasBlend!

Find your tickets to Chivas’ Virtual Whisky Masterclass here.

Please drink responsibly and only share the event with those over drinking age.

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