This Manchester Chippy Is Serving Up A Battered Christmas Dinner

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

This Manchester Chippy Is Serving Up A Battered Christmas Dinner

Now, I’ve personally never really thought about what could possibly make a Christmas dinner better, and that’s because I didn’t think it possible. I mean, it consists of all the good stuff a Northerner adores: gravy, proper roasties, and for some families (including my own), top tier Yorkshire puddings, so what more could we ask for? According to The Chippy on Burton Road, a bit of batter is all.

Credit: The Chippy at Burton Rd

Deep-frying pretty much everything that would traditionally land itself on the plate of a Christmas dinner, the West Didsbury chippy has gone all out for the festive season, serving up an array of festive trimmings as we’ve never seen them before.

Introducing a rather lengthy menu of tasty treats for Christmas, guests can try out their new deep-fried brie and cranberry parcels, buttermilk turkey goujons, a massive battered pig in a blanket, deep-fried stuffing balls, battered Brussel sprouts and even a battered Christmas pudding this season  – giving a traditional chippy tea twist on the annual meal.

If that wasn’t exciting enough (or cholesterol-raising enough) for you, the chippy has also introduced a number of fun tasting platters, too, packed with treats such as chips and gravy, deep-fried stuffing balls and so much more. Yep, I feel full at the thought already.


Credit: The Chippy on Burton Rd

Available for both dine-in and Deliveroo, locals can enjoy the festive menu until 9.30pm tonight, so be sure to get your orders in before they close up shop for Christmas.

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