Sale Sharks Took To The Slopes At The Chill Factore For A Training Session With A Difference

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Sale Sharks Took To The Slopes At The Chill Factore For A Training Session With A Difference

Chill Factore invited Premiership Rugby team Sale Sharks to try a pre-season team-building exercise in the minus temperatures.

As the new rugby season kicks off on September 21 against Northampton Saints, 10 members of the Sale Sharks squad donned their shorts and took to the North West’s only real snow slope for an hour of training and team building.

A spokesman for the Chill Factore said the team took part in some of indoor snow slope’s endorphin-releasing team away day activities that are designed to encourage communication and co-operation between team members.

They were put through their paces when they donned snow blindness goggles and had to guide each other to get to safety. They adapted their usual rugby drills, including shuttle relays, ball work and strength training to suit the frozen tempreatures as well as practising technical skills involved in scrums.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Sale Sharks players then took part in a mini rugby match with Chill Factore staff, which resulted in some fantastic snow tackles and even a try for team Chill Factore.

Senior Academy Lead Neil Briggs said:

“We’re grateful to Chill Factore for opening up the slope to some of our players so they can, for the very first time, try a sub-zero training and team building session.

“Teamwork is all about communication and the team-building challenges that the players have taken part in at Chill Factore are ideal to help further develop that communication, whether it’s on the rugby pitch or in the snow.

“With rugby being such a fast-paced game, the players need to know exactly where each other are and what they are doing on the pitch, so practising communication challenges with their teammates in unfamiliar scenarios have been really useful.

“This has been an exciting challenge for our players as the cold conditions are great to help push the body further and provide a more robust workout.”

Chill Factore’s Head of Marketing, Laura McKieran said:

“Chill Factore has been proud to host players from Sale Sharks for a team building session with a chilly twist.

“Team-building exercises are just some of the many snowsports activities we offer to guests at Chill Factore all year round and you don’t even have to be in a rugby team to take part.

“We regularly welcome schools, clubs and businesses to take part in our team building sessions as well as offering our ski and snowboard lessons and Snow Park as other great ways for groups to have fun together.

“Our subzero temperatures are perfect for the team to transfer their usual training session onto the snow, plus the minus temperatures help increase metabolism, so the team have a greater workout ahead of the new Premiership Rugby season starting.”

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