Chester Zoo Is Looking For Someone To Take Care Of Their Giraffes And Zebras

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Chester Zoo Is Looking For Someone To Take Care Of Their Giraffes And Zebras

Just when you thought the dream job didn’t exist…

Recruiting for what sounds like the best job ever, Chester Zoo is looking for a new team member to help care for their animals, working specifically in the Hoofstock department – which is responsible for animals such as Giraffes, Zebra, and Hippos!

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The exciting opportunity is for aspiring Lead Keepers who’ll be responsible for the animal’s welfare, taking care of the animals day-to-day and ensuring their environment is kept to the highest of standards. Although it sounds like a total breeze, the role requires a lot of skill and knowledge to look after these complex animals, with Chester Zoo looking for someone with a degree qualification in zoological related studies to fill the position.

In particular, the popular zoo is looking for a candidate with experience in animal husbandry specifically around hoofstock species – with Giraffe, Rhinos, Okapi, Zebra and Tapir all residing at Chester Zoo. The winning candidate will also work closely with other keepers, as well as oversee students on placements and volunteers.

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The role will require the ability to work collaboratively with others, as well as require successful candidates to have enthusiasm for the position and the ability to take on a leadership position, enforcing and developing brand new ways of improving husbandry.

You’ll spend 40 hours a week with the animals, with a starting salary of £24,142.75 per year and employee benefits such as a huge holiday allowance, free tickets to the zoo and free travel to work.

If it sounds like your bag, you can find out more and apply for the position here.

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