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Cheshire Police Are Looking For Dog Lovers To Take Care Of Their Police Dogs

By Laura Rogan

Just when you thought the perfect job didn’t exist…

Mancunian puppy lovers can now put their dog-charming skills to good use, because Cheshire police and crime commissioner David Keane is looking for keen dog lovers to visit their kennels and take care of their police dogs.

Credit: Unsplash

Volunteers will have the lucky job of caring for the dogs, and even attending specialised dog training sessions as part of the Police Dog Welfare Scheme. The role will require volunteers to attend the kennels to observe, comment and report on the conditions that the dogs live in on a monthly basis and even give the opportunity to accompany the dog handlers out on their paw patrol across Cheshire. Very exciting indeed.

Credit: Needpix

Speaking of the position, Keane said:

“Police dog welfare visitors act as ‘critical friends’ providing me with independent and invaluable feedback to ensure our police dogs are properly cared for, happy and their working conditions are acceptable.”

Police dog welfare visitor Lesley Graffham added:


“The benefits and outcomes are both rewarding and helpful to all concerned.

“Sticking to the rota is the hardest thing because you will just want to be with the dogs all the time.”

Yep, we’d definitely want to be with the dogs all the time!