Channel 4 Could Be Moving To Manchester

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Channel 4 Could Be Moving To Manchester

Greater Manchester has been shortlisted as a potential location for Channel 4’s new National HQ.

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Channel 4 announced its ‘4 All the UK’ plan in March, after the government instructed the broadcaster to move out of London and do more to support economic growth and provide for audiences outside of the capital.

The plan will see the channel establish a new National HQ as well as two new smaller Creative Hubs in the North, which it says will create 300 jobs.

As part of the process, teams from Channel 4 visited 13 shortlisted cities and regions for presentations and discussions before shortlisting Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council and Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester, said:

“This is brilliant news. We welcome Channel 4’s decision to shortlist us which we believe is a massive vote of confidence in Greater Manchester and reflects the area’s established track record as a national broadcasting centre, a dynamic region with access to a wealth of creative talent and somewhere capable of supporting both existing and new business operations. We look forward to continuing to make this case. This would be a further boost for the area’s growth trajectory.”

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Advanced negotiations will now commence with the three cities for the National HQ, while a further three cities, Bristol, Cardiff and Glasgow, have been shortlisted for consideration as a smaller Creative Hubs.

Channel 4 will enter into detailed discussions with the six selected cities over the summer, a process which will be led by Channel 4 Executive Board member and Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Allan.

Mr Allan said:

“We have again had to take some very difficult decisions on which cities to take forward to the next stage, but we believe the six cities we have selected are best able to deliver against our vision and requirements for the new National HQ and Creative Hubs.

“The National HQ and Creative Hubs are only one part of our ‘4 All the UK’ plan, which has at its heart, a commitment to significantly increase our Nations and Regions contend spend by £250 million over the next five years. We, therefore, look forward to working closely with all those cities and regions that have been involved in the pitch process, as we look to catalyse that spend and support digital and production companies right across the UK.”

The locations for the new National HQ and two Creative Hubs will be announced in the autumn.
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