A Beautiful Captain Sir Tom Moore Tribute Mural Has Popped Up In The Northern Quarter

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A Beautiful Captain Sir Tom Moore Tribute Mural Has Popped Up In The Northern Quarter

Akse is at it again.

A stunning mural dedicated to Captain Sir Tom Moore has popped up in the Northern Quarter, with popular Manchester-based artist Akse behind the new piece of street art. [Featured image courtesy of @ibex_mcr]

Standing proudly on Tib Street, the piece was started just today and is the newest of many of the street artist’s pieces across the city. In the past year, Akse has been responsible for the George Floyd piece on Stevenson Square, a mural of an NHS nurse in the NQ, and an Ian Curtis mural, too.

The new work of art will mark a new place where Mancs can pay their respects to the beloved Captain Sir Tom Moore, who passed away just this year following a short battle with both COVID-19 and pneumonia. The former veteran stole the nation’s hearts during the first national lockdown after raising a whopping £33m for the NHS, walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.

Akse regularly takes his spray to brick at this NQ spot to dedicate the space to icons who have passed, which have previously included Prince and Tony Wilson. The artist has been active since 1992, and currently has a number of popular pieces on display throughout the city.

Over the years, Akse has been responsible for the beloved Arya Stark mural which was displayed in Stevenson Square, a David Bowie tribute, the iconic Trump vs Martin Luther King piece and a huge tribute to Marcus Rashford which currently stands in Withington.

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