A First-Of-Its-Kind Live Entertainment Venue And Dining Space Is Coming To Manchester

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A First-Of-Its-Kind Live Entertainment Venue And Dining Space Is Coming To Manchester

Canvas is coming to town – and it’s set to be a ‘first-of-its-kind’ venue, combining live music, events, entertainment, food, drink and socialising. A venue that will act as a one-stop destination for an evening out with your friends, Canvas will be home to three areas: Canvas Kitchen, Canvas Club and Canvas Events.

Currently in development at bustling new neighbourhood Circle Square in the city centre, the space will feature a huge capacity – with room for 100 at the Canvas Kitchen and an additional 400 across the live music and events space.

Credit: Circle Square Manchester

Open from 7am til 4am every single day, Mancs will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a night out with friends, colleagues and family – with the idea of Canvas proving versatile to suit different needs. There’ll also be a well-rounded events programme on offer, too, including health and wellbeing events, space for social activism and the function to host workshops, networking events and even gigs.

Gavin Aldrich, CEO at BeSixth, said of the new development: “We’ll be in the heart of a thriving, city centre neighbourhood that brings together people from all walks of life – be it students, shoppers, business owners or academics – and it’s this community that makes us confident Circle Square will be the perfect destination to launch Canvas Manchester.”

Credit: Circle Square Manchester

Tom Renn, Managing Director of Bruntwood SciTech – Manchester added: “Our ambition for Circle Square was always to create a destination – a place that would bring people together morning, day and night and a place that would become part of the fabric of the city. Somewhere tourists and innovators would see as a must-visit when coming to Manchester.


Continuing “The live music industry has understandably suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but where better to drive its resurgence than in the ‘City that thinks a table is for dancing on’?”

Canvas Manchester will be in great hands upon its 2022 opening, with a team behind it responsible for launching and operating iconic venues such as the Hammersmith Apollo, Brixton Academy and G-A-Y Manchester.

[Featured image: Circle Square Manchester]

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