Manchester Cathedral Is Hosting A Disco Classics Candlelight Concert This November

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Manchester Cathedral Is Hosting A Disco Classics Candlelight Concert This November

We promise you won’t regret it. On November 27th Manchester will receive a dazzling dose of groovy goodness in the form of Candlelight Disco Classics (try saying all that after a couple of bevvies). This atmospheric evening is one for those of you who fancy dusting off your sequins and taking a trip down memory lane to those fond nights on the dance floor; busting moves to timeless disco songs until the sun came up.

The city’s centuries-old cathedral will play host to a night of hip-shaking hits, just not like you’ve ever heard them before. This time the disco classics will receive the string quartet treatment. Familiar guitars and keyboards may be swapped for the whistling notes of violins and cellos, but don’t worry, the iconic rhythm and beats of disco we all know and love will still be there.

Over the course of the 65-minute concert you’ll hear all your favourites. This includes We Are Family, Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, Relight My Fire and Funky Town.¬†While you bask in the sound of the disco classics, you’ll no doubt find yourself admiring the stunning architecture of the 600-year-old Manchester Cathedral. The church’s gothic features, colourful stained glass and golden detailing makes for a unique setting for this mesmerising concert. Best of all, the sea of candlelight will highlight the intricate carvings in the medieval woodwork, all while creating an intimate ambience amid the lofty grandeur.

If you’re a fan of all things disco you won’t want to miss out. This magical concert is the perfect date or even premature Christmas gift if you know someone who loves to get in the groove. Plus, everything is safe and socially-distanced to ensure your enjoyment. Make sure you grab tickets now.¬†

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