You Can Buy A Remote Scottish Island For £80,000, And It’s A Pretty Dreamy Place To Live

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You Can Buy A Remote Scottish Island For £80,000, And It’s A Pretty Dreamy Place To Live

This private hideaway in the Scottish Highlands costs the same as a one bed flat in Manchester.

House prices are booming right now with lockdown and remote working making some reassess whether it’s worth swapping a small rented flat in the city for a quaint cottage to call your own in the suburbs- but how remote are you willing to go? For those in search of a more tranquil lifestyle and fed up with paying landlords extortionate rent, this remote Scottish island might have you jumping on the Rightmove website in seconds.

Priced at £80,000, the same price as a London garage (poor Londoners), Deer Island (or Eilean an Fheidh) on Loch Moidart, an 11-acre uninhabited island in the West Highlands, could be yours. On the Rightmove ad, it says that this island is a “unique opportunity to purchase a space that can be enjoyed with zero chance of intrusion.” So, if you’ve had enough of those noisy neighbours disturbing your mid-Zoom call or keeping you up at night, this might be the place you’re looking for.

However, speaking of neighbours, this island, located approximately 30 miles from Glenfinnan, sits next to Eilean Shona, which is owned by the sister of billionaire, Richard Branson. The island of Eilean Shona is open to a limited number of tourists during normal times, but it’s unlikely that anyone will be dropping by to this remote island up for sale.

Deer Island, which is around 45 miles from Fort William and the Ben Nevis mountain range, will go up for auction on March 26 with a starting bid of £80,000. Future Auctions, the auction house in charge of the sale, describe it as “one of Scotland’s most stunning locations,” and we couldn’t agree more.

But sadly this beautiful, remote Scottish island has a catch. Deer Island currently does not have any houses or amenities there, only a patch of native woodland, so you would need to be prepared to build somewhere to live, shop and get your coffee order at. The nearest place you can maybe reside is Castle Tioram, a ruin which sits on another of the islands on the loch, which was held by a clan many generations ago.

In Scotland, the opening bid could buy also buy you a three-bedroom terrace house in Ardrossan (£72,000), a two-bedroom traditional tenement flat in Paisley (£75,000) and a one-bedroom modern apartment in Parkhead, Glasgow (£80,000), according to property pricing site, Zoopla.

Future Auctions also described the 11-acre plot as an “uninhabited island located within extremely popular sea loch certain to appeal to investors from all over the world”. So, if you think you’re up for taking on this challenge and possibly fight it out with some global investors, you can head to the auctioneer’s website to create a bidding account.

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