Manc Rapper Bugzy Malone Has Donated Tons Of Christmas Presents To “Underprivileged” Children

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Manc Rapper Bugzy Malone Has Donated Tons Of Christmas Presents To “Underprivileged” Children

This is such a kind gesture.

Crumpsall-born rapper Bugzy Malone has well and truly tapped into his Christmas spirit this year, announcing to his social media followers that he and his team have generously donated fifty Santa sacks packed full of gifts and toys for underprivileged children in Manchester to open this Christmas.

The rapper felt it was only fitting to give back to those in need, after growing up in less fortunate circumstances as a child. The artist – whose real name is Aaron Davis – grew up in a family of ‘career criminals’, witnessing both domestic violence and poverty throughout his childhood.

Speaking in an Instagram post to his 1.2 million followers, the rapper said: “Me and my team at @_b.malone_ have bought 50 underprivileged children a sack full of presents each. The 0161 made a man out of me and Christmas was never a good time for me or my family so hopefully these presents make a difference to the families that are going to receive them. We have worked closely along side my accountant @paulckarcz and social workers to make sure we knew as much about each individual kid as possible to get them the presents they want and deserve.

“To the children that I have bought these gifts for if you ever see this, enjoy Christmas day as much as possible and just know things always get better in life. Remember it doesn’t matter where you start it’s where you end up.”

It is thought that the gifts were donated as part of Sedulo’s Christmas Toy Appeal 2020 due to the reference of Managing Partner Paul Cheetham-Karcz in his post, which works as a ‘reverse Santa’s grotto’ – where people can give gifts to Santa that will then be re-gifted to the children who won’t receive anything this year. The charitable annual event sees sponsors, Sedulo staff, friends and charities all come together to ensure those less fortunate have the Christmas they deserve.

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