Team Up And Smash The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Inspired Virtual Quiz

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Team Up And Smash The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Inspired Virtual Quiz

Calling all Brooklyn Nine-Nine superfans.

You might have partaken in your fair share of lockdown quizzes thus far. Regardless, we have an essential quiz for any binge-watchers of the eccentric NYC cop comedy, and tickets are available now.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz will be jam-packed with trivia concerning New York’s 99th Police Department. It takes place this Sunday (17 May), giving you plenty of time to assemble a pack of fellow die-hard quizzers. With wacky characters, bizarre quotes, and a mean highlight reel (including those infamous singing criminals), there’s all kinds of directions the quiz could lead you in.

One thing is for sure, though: this quiz will have you reliving memories of the show that had you in fits of laughter the first time, as you’re transported to Brooklyn’s Ninety-Ninth precinct and to moments that you know and love. Noice! To take part in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz this Sunday, you’ll need a few things. Ensure you’ve picked your teammates wisely, then go ahead and book your group ticket. Then, remember that each member should have two electronic devices — one to watch the private YouTube stream, and one to play the quiz on Kahoot. The quiz lasts from 9-10.30pm, Sunday May 17.

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