You Can Now Paddleboard On The Peaceful Bridgewater Canal This Summer

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You Can Now Paddleboard On The Peaceful Bridgewater Canal This Summer

The new activity marks the canal’s 260th anniversary.

We’ve never appreciated Manchester’s canal network more than we did during lockdown. A previously underrated feature of our city, both the Rochdale and Bridgewater canal provided lovely walking routes for us Mancs to enjoy while activities were limited. And now, expanding on the ways we can enjoy the water, Peel L&P’s Bridgewater Canal Company has announced the launch of their newest leisure activity on the canal: stand-up paddle boarding.

An activity that’s increased in popularity over the past twelve months alone, Mancs can now enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the canal in a whole new way, taking in the sights of nature while taking care of their wellbeing.

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Surveying a number of locals just last year, the Bridgewater Canal Company discovered that 84% of participants believed that the canal had made a positive impact on their mental wellbeing during the pandemic, with 40% saying that the canal made them feel more ‘relaxed’. The canal stretches from Runcorn to Leigh, passing through Worsley, Salford, Trafford and the Castlefield area.

Peter Parkinson, Director of the Bridgewater Canal, part of Peel L&P, said: “Our recent survey showed us how invaluable the canal is to people’s health and wellbeing and we’ve looked after the waterway for many years now to bring continuous investment and improvements including towpath works for cyclists and walkers.

“We’re pleased to be working with British Canoeing to meet public demand for stand-up paddle boarding on the canal and be able to offer another recreational activity on the waterway that we’re sure will be enjoyed by many people.”

To take advantage of the new leisure activity, guests must sign up for a membership with British Canoeing, which can be done here.

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