The Red Double Decker Bus That Has Been Transformed Into A Mystical Bohemian Café • Bohemian Bus Café

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The Red Double Decker Bus That Has Been Transformed Into A Mystical Bohemian Café • Bohemian Bus Café

If there’s one thing we’re definitely not short of here in the North West, it’s ingenuity. And channelling exactly that is the team behind the magical Bohemian Bus Café – a converted double-decker bus that’s been given a whole new lease of life as a cosy and welcoming place to eat.

Parking up in Disley, Cheshire, the bus brings to life a mysterious Mystic Meg vibe, with twinkling fairy lights, vintage-style decor, mismatched furnishings, and art-deco style lighting setting the ambient tone. It’s a setting that would be right at home in a Tarot reader’s living room, except, without the crystal balls and trippy glimpses into the future. Unless you see your future as being stuffed after a good meal, that is.

Credit: Bohemian Bus Cafe

Opening their folding doors for the first time just last year, the Bohemian Bus Café has acquired quite the fan base in just over a year, thanks to its diverse menu of homemade dishes which are made up of locally sourced ingredients. And when we say local, we mean local – with ingredients sourced from the village itself and free-range meats brought over from nearby Lyme Park. It’s a sustainable effort we can really get behind, and one which is a testament to the quality of food the café strives to produce.

Credit: Bohemian Bus Cafe

Boasting a quirky roof terrace on the bus and patio seating to the side, the unique venue doesn’t lose its lovely café vibe for lack of proper walls. In fact, it retains that familiar atmosphere, with a lift-up hatch giving guests a little glimpse into the kitchen, and the many scents of delectable dishes being produced just metres away.

Credit: Bohemian Bus Cafe

On the menu, guests will discover a range of dishes, with both brunch service and dinner service on offer. Brunch dishes include the likes of vegetarian butties, crispy bacon butties, breakfast rolls, and crispy hash browns – with quesadillas, burgers and Parmo stealing the show on the evening menu.

If that wasn’t all, guests can also wash down their dinner with a vast selection of wines, gins, beers and even shots – with a curated menu of cocktails, which includes a Caipirinha, Espresso Martini and Dark & Stormy, also available.

Credit: Bohemian Bus Cafe

Open Thursday-Sunday, the cafe can now be visited in real life, with takeaways also available for those who still prefer the comfort of their own homes. Bookings can be made over on their website here, and guests are advised to wrap up when visiting on the cooler days.

Bohemian Bus Cafe, Disley Station Car Park, Stockport, SK12 2AE.

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Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 12pm-10.30pm, Saturday 10am-10.30pm, Sunday 10am-10pm
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