Black Milk Is Selling Everything You Need To Make The Ultimate Desserts At Home

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Black Milk Is Selling Everything You Need To Make The Ultimate Desserts At Home

Mastering the art of baking?

Then you might wanna keep reading, because dessert royalty Black Milk is selling the ultimate luxury treats that’ll take your baking game from novice, to know-it-all.

Starting with their iconic ‘Kinderella’ sauce, which launched way before the pandemic hit the UK, the Manchester-born sweet spot has gathered an impressive collection of treats on their website, and it’s perfect for those looking to perfect their craft during lockdown.

Stocked up with all the good stuff, Black Milk is offering up catering-sized portions of Nutella (3KG to be precise), Lotus Biscoff, and their very own Hazelnut Spread (Kinderella) creation, as well as smaller sizes for those who don’t plan on baking for an entire village.

From Biscoff crumbs that are perfect for cheesecake bases, to Reese’s peanut butter filling, there’s a massive array of sugary treats to choose from. And it doesn’t stop at British faves, either. In fact, there’s a whole host of American sweets to choose from, too, including Hershey’s dessert sauces, American cereals and the much-loved Sour Patch Kids.


Fans can recreate their favourite Black Milk desserts at home, too, with the café sharing a number of sneak peek videos and recipes of how their much-loved puds are made behind-the-scenes.

All items are available to purchase from Black Milk’s online store now, which you can find here. Black Milk’s physical cafés are currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak, however, their online store operates year-round.

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