Investigate A Crime At The World’s Wackiest Zoo In This Wild Online Murder Mystery

Alex Landon Alex Landon

Investigate A Crime At The World’s Wackiest Zoo In This Wild Online Murder Mystery

There’s been a murder at the Wynnewood County zoo, and you’re being called in to help.

The good folks of See Your City are quickly emerging as heroes of the UK lockdown, mainly thanks to the brilliant virtual walking tours they’ve been offering of London. I say mainly, because they’ve got another rather excellent virtual experience up their sleeves, and I think it’s one you’re going to enjoy. The Big Cat Murder Mystery features murder, mayhem, and tigers… and you, who’s been called into investigate a heinous crime at the world’s wackiest zoo! Find your tickets here, and read on for more information.

The merry mayhem of this murder mystery offers you the chance to solve a crime at the strangest, most outlandish zoo you’ve ever visited. Exotic animals, drugs, and now an arson attack at Wynnewood County’s new zoo are making life very interesting indeed, and suspicion is falling heavy on a wild bunch of characters – including a mysterious cult leader, a tattered country music star, and a curious documentary maker.

Since the coronavirus outbreak has made it impossible to investigate the zoo IRL, the local sheriff has called for an online investigation. You’re being roped in as the lead detective, which means you’ll be collecting statements and sifting through alibis to discover who’s been up to no good. Oh, and I’m afraid that some of the witnesses have chosen to submit their statements in musical format, so you’ve got that to look forward to… All in all, you’re in for a wild ride here!

Find your tickets to The Big Cat Murder Mystery here.

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