The World’s First Vegan Junk Food Tasting Menu Now Exists – And You Can Get It In Manchester

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The World’s First Vegan Junk Food Tasting Menu Now Exists – And You Can Get It In Manchester

The world’s first vegan tasting menu is here!

Gracing Manchester with their delicious vegan junk food just a few months ago, Biff’s has gone one step further – this time, bringing us the world’s first vegan junk food tasting menu. And the best part? You can cook it from home during lockdown.

Teaming up with Restaurant Kits for the new plant-based offering, fans of the “vegan junk food Gods” can enjoy their grub no matter where they live, with five courses to devour. The new meal kit widens the net for vegans allover the UK, with Biff’s usually only available for those lucky enough to live within the Deliveroo catchment area (or able to collect).

Credit: Biff’s

Putting a fun spin on the fancy ‘tasting’ menus that have dominated the ‘cook from home’ kits during the pandemic, Biff’s fans can enjoy a ‘naughty cuisine meets haute cuisine mash-up’ – with dishes including corn dogs drizzled with gochujang mayo, twice-baked jackfruit ‘ribs’, and a BiffburgerTM slider finished with a molton cheeze and bacun ‘lava launcher’.

Here’s the menu in full:

  • Hors d’oeuvre: K-Pop Dog – a smoked tofu weiner with plant-based cheese, a dough batter and gochujang mayonnaise.
  • Entrée: Bourbon Glazed Ribs – Twice-baked pea and jackfruit ribs glazed in bourbon BBQ jus.
  • Relevés: Aile de Crispy Fried Jackfruit – Braised jackfruit on a sugarcane ‘bone’ encased in a panko crumb, with hot sauce, ranch dressing and spring onion.
  • Main: Double BiffburgerTM Slider with Molten Cheeze and Bacun Volcano – Two smashed BiffburgerTM patties, on a bed of lettuce and burger sauce, served in a brioche bun and finished with a molten cheeze lava and bacun crumb.
  • Entremet: Vanilla and Limoncello Cheesecake – Rich vanilla cheesecake on a light biscuit base, with a boozy limoncello coulis – to share.
Credit: Biff’s

Biff’s co-founder and executive chef, Biff Bloom-Burrows, says: “Biff’s mission is to make amazing and unique experiences food that just happen to be vegan – so we decided to create something different from a regular meal kit to bring a bit of fun into lockdown.

“It’s all about celebrating the joys of indulgence, but also thinking outside the (cardboard burger) box. We want to create something that looks pretty but still tastes naughty – there’s no reason plant-based food can’t be both!”

Each dish is simple to prepare with your typical kitchen equipment, each serving two people for just £45. Get yours here.

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