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The Beatles Will Host A Live ‘Yellow Submarine’ Sing-Along Watch Party On YouTube This Weekend

By Jack Saddler

We might as well all live in a Yellow Submarine at the moment.

Since we’re pretty much housebound, that would actually be pretty cool. But there’s nothing like your imagination, eh? And that’s exactly what you can use as you sing along to this free YouTube stream of The Beatles’ animated film, Yellow Submarine. [Featured Image: The Beatles, Instagram]

Airing this Saturday (April 25) at 5pm, the restored, sing-along edition of the 1968 movie, which hit cinemas in 2018, will be on display for anyone and everyone to host lockdown karaoke. As the movie was released in cinemas, it was a celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary, but it hasn’t been available anywhere to watch since. Until now.

You’ll be able to belt out classics such as “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, “All You Need Is Love” and many, many more. There will, of course, also be the opportunity to do your rendition of everyone’s favourite Beatles moment, “Yellow Submarine”. Top of the lockdown game you go.

The movie transports viewers to Pepperland, a fictional paradise in the depths of the ocean. The Beatles are tasked with saving the land and the Lonely Hearts Club Band when it is invaded by “Blue Meanies”.


It promises to be a fun activity for the whole family and is sure to get you jumping up and down while singing along to classics. Lord knows that’s what many of us need right now.

Tune into the Yellow Submarine Singalong extravaganza here on YouTube this Saturday at 5pm.