The Arndale Has Been An Absolute Ghost Town Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

The Arndale Has Been An Absolute Ghost Town Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The popular shopping centre has been a far cry from its usually packed self.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier this week, the public has begun to avoid public places – with businesses across the country hit hard as a result. And just yesterday, Mancunians found the usually packed Arndale centre completely deserted, so much so, it’s a wonder they didn’t spot tumbleweed rolling around the place.

Twitter: @nathanjayrog

The above photos were taken at around 3.30pm March 18 and show the major impact social isolation is having on Manchester businesses. The shutters to the Disney store can be seen closed, with a number of shops such as the Apple store and Urban Outfitters closing their doors earlier this week.

Twitter user @nathanjayrog said of the images: “Walking through Manchester Arndale is very eery… kinda unsettling if I’m honest”.

Other Mancs have witnessed similar sights too, with one showing just how empty the popular Arndale food market has been, and another tweeting that they popped to the toilets and “every urinal was available”.

A large number of Manchester businesses have voluntarily closed their doors this week after Boris Johnson recommended the public avoid pubs, restaurants and theatres, with more and more closing their doors every day as the outbreak worsens.

TfGM announced earlier today that service levels would be reduced as less and less people use public transport, endorsing the Government’s advice to only travel if absolutely necessary.

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