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The Entire Nation Will Come Together In A Roar Of Applause For The NHS On Thursday

By Marco Ruiz

The coronavirus pandemic has placed unprecedented strain on the NHS and the nurses and doctors battling on the front lines.

As a show of support and thanks to all the NHS workers across the UK who have not only been testing and treating people, but putting their own lives on the line to support the nation, a round of applause will ring around the UK on Thursday, March 26 at 8pm. (Featured image: @anna_mcc32)

Britons have proudly been circulating the flyer below on social media, urging each other to stand on balconies, lean out of windows, and clap from their doors to let the NHS workers know that their hard and tiring work is valued and has not gone unnoticed.

The #clapforourcarers campaign comes on the heels of photos and videos depicting NHS workers strolling through emptied supermarket aisles, wondering where all the food has gone, which led to one Critical Care nurse pleading with the public to ‘stop it’ via Twitter last week.


Hopefully, this Thursday’s #clapforourcarers initiative will lead to a big round of applause at 8pm and will remind those of us at home that there are many out there who are putting their own lives on the line so that we may remain safe during this troubling time.