The Two-Course Dinner Where Guests Can Dissect A ‘Human Body’ Is Heading Back To Manchester

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The Two-Course Dinner Where Guests Can Dissect A ‘Human Body’ Is Heading Back To Manchester

The world’s only interactive dinner and dissection experience is coming back to Manchester.

Anatomy Lab Live has made global headlines over the last three years with its touring human body-based anatomy events. And in January 2020 the lab will return to Manchester’s Village Hotel, where organisers will be putting a dystopian twist on their dinner and dissection experience.

Photo: Anatomy Lab Live

Set in a post-antibiotic era where a global pandemic has obliterated an estimated 95 per cent of human civilisation, the event will delve into how infections affect the organs and tissues of the human body and how science is preparing for when things inevitably go wrong.

Guests will be invited to suit up and step into the dining room, which has been converted into the U.K. Home Office Contagion Protection Facility (CPF), a fully working quarantine centre with decontamination facility.

Following the two-course meal, the siren will sound and guests will be instructed to put on their protective gear. The mist will clear and the tank will open revealing Delta-four-echo, a highly infected human specimen and only known carrier of the deadly unidentified bacterial infection.

Photo: Anatomy Lab Live

Once sedated the specimen will be subject to clinical trials before removal and dissection of his internal organs, using real surgeons tools, to identify the pathogen and find the cure.

But if you’re hoping to embrace your inner Hannibal Lecter, this isn’t the event for you. Anatomy Lab Live 2020 is an educational experience aimed at strengthening medical practitioners’ understanding of how the human body works, although, members of the public are also invited to attend.

Photo: Anatomy Lab Live

And if you’re wondering how organisers managed to get their hands on so many bodies, worry not! The ‘cadavers’ and organs will be made from pig material, which is considered by the clinical team to be the closest to human flesh.

Tickets are priced from £72.99 and include a two-course meal and dissection. For more information or to book tickets click here.

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