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Amazon Is Selling A Peanut Butter Maker Perfect For Pancake Day

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

Amazon Is Selling A Peanut Butter Maker Perfect For Pancake Day

Peanut butter is truly one of the highlights of life, and now you can have it on tap!

Gifting us with an utterly genius invention, a company called Smart (who are indeed, very smart) have come up with the peanut butter maker – an appliance that does all the hard work for you, creating your own homemade spread.

Credit: Amazon

The device is designed to work with a number of nutty treats, such as peanuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts so you can really get creative with your recipes, with the ability to add chocolate, honey or whatever tickles your fancy to the mix.

Using the contraption sounds fairly simple too, with the official product page saying:

“Easy to use, simply add your choice of shelled or chopped nuts into the compartment at the top, turn on the unit and add some oil, then in no time at all your peanut butter will be dispensed into the cup.”

Credit: Pixabay

The product costs £59.99 – a great price to pay to save on the cost of fancy jars of PB – with never-ending possibilities to spice things up for your daily toast shenanigans.

Find out more about the product here.