Albert’s Schloss Will Celebrate All Thing Bohemian With A ‘Summer Of Kulture’

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Albert’s Schloss Will Celebrate All Thing Bohemian With A ‘Summer Of Kulture’

Inspired by 100 years of the Bauhaus, one of the most influential art movements, Albert’s Schloss, Manchester’s very own Bohemian Pleasure Palace will host a ‘Summer of Kultur’.

This summer, Albert’s Schloss will embark on an exploration of art, music, bier, cocktails and culture, paying tribute to the Bauhaus, an influential art movement which encapsulated a true sense of Bohemia.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Celebrating a series of cultural events all under one roof, Albert’s Schloss will also introduce a new Thursday night of live entertainment, North X North Wurst (NXNW) featuring live music, bier and

B I E R K U L T U R / M A K E I T R E I N

First up for the summer season is an all-new bier line up. The star of the show is the launch of Albert’s Schloss’ very own bier – Manchester Rein – a pure Mancunian pilsner.

Made to Bavarian bier purity law using classic German yeast and Munich malt, providing the base for an authentic Bier Halle flavour, with English Hops and brewed right here in Manchester.

Sitting perfectly between Paulaner and Pilsner Urquell at 4.5%, the brau is slightly less hoppy, boasting a peachy nose and a nutty body that’s topped off with a creamy finish.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Rein means ‘pure’ in German, also a nod to the rainy city of where it is made. The demand for Manchester Rein has been unparalleled already with the first batch hitting the taps selling out in
just four days.

Manchester favourites Cloudwater also join the bier line-up, bringing even more Manchester brews to the bier palace.

C O C K T A I L K U L T U R / A R T F O R A L L

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

To mark the 100-year anniversary of the pioneering German art school, Albert’s Schloss’ bartenders have created a bold and beautiful Bauhaus inspired cocktail list. The collection is packed full of colourful and artful creations, such as the Red Minimlist, Blue Blood Crush and The Prince of Kultur.


The new summer Cook Haus menu sees new dishes added, inspired by the wondrous cuisine of Alpine Germany, it’s hearty and wholesome food for the soul. New to try, Berlinder spiced lamb croquettes, charred cauliflower kebab, mushroom spatzle and honey roast duck.

H O R T I K U L T U R / L’ A R C T R I O M P H E

Creating spectacular surroundings that encapsulate the very essence of the outdoors, Albert’s Schloss sees a new seasonal installation designed by award-winning Manchester florists, Frog Flowers.

This French affair features stunning whisperings of lilac wisteria that surround the front entrance, inspired by the romantic Wisteria Season of Paris. Taking place each spring, the city is delicately
dusted in purple as the wisteria comes into bloom, said to be the most romantic place in all the

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