Airport City Will Be Handing Out Free Birthday Treats To Those Born On A Leap Year

By Laura O'Neill

If you were born on February 29, you’re in luck.

Being born on Leap Day is statistically rarer than being born with 11 fingers and toes and government data reveals the chances of being born on February 29 are one in 1,461.

Photo: airportcity

Airport City Manchester will celebrate those born on February 29 at this month’s FarFlungFriday – the hugely popular street food market, which takes place at the Platform event space at Airport City.

This month’s event will take place on February 28, at Platform Airport City from 11.30am- 2pm, meaning those who were born on a leap year can still celebrate on February 28 with a free bite to eat before celebrating their ‘actual’ birthday.

There will be four local food traders at this month’s FarFlugFriday to help visitors get their birthday celebrations off to a flying start.

To redeem the offer, Platform at Airport City Manchester is asking those leap year babies to bring ID to prove their date of birth.


Airport City Manchester is the landmark £1bn development project adjacent to Manchester Airport and comprising of five million square feet of offices, hotels, advanced manufacturing, logistics facilities, and ancillary retail space.

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Photo Credit – Pixabay

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