A Scenic 150-Mile Cycling Route Will Open In Cornwall Later This Year

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A Scenic 150-Mile Cycling Route Will Open In Cornwall Later This Year

This spectacular coastal cycling route opening in Cornwall will be the perfect way to return to nature this autumn.

It’s no secret that exercise and fresh air work wonders for the mind and body, and many of us need it now more than ever before. The pandemic seems to have awoken a new appreciation for nature, as Mancunians flocked to local parks as soon as lockdown started easing. With further restrictions to be lifted in the next weeks and months, we can now start planning more extensive trips, and here’s one that cycling fans won’t want to miss this autumn: Cornwall is set to receive a brand new cycling route called “West Kernow Way”, spanning 150 miles and expected to take around four days to complete. (Featured image: Unsplash, Benjamin Elliott)

The long-distance route is currently being developed and finalised by Cycling UK, and sounds like an incredible way to get back to nature after months of confinement. It begins and ends in Cornwall’s Penzance, passing many of the UK’s most breathtaking, scenic sites including the Botallack tin mines, the Bronze Age monument Mên-an-Tol, Land’s End, St Michael’s Mount, and Lizard Point.

Aside from expansive coastal views, the path will include bridleways, byways and quiet stretches of country roads, showcasing the highlights of the region without getting caught in overly touristy areas. For that same reason, it’s going to be launched in September, in an effort to avoid the region’s “summer rush”.

Sophie Gordon, Cycling UK’s campaigns officer behind the creation of the West Kernow Way said: “The landscape has so much to offer, from the natural beauty of Lizard Point to the wilds of the north coast, but we want to dive into the culture and history of Cornwall too. The benefit of cycling off-road along the West Kernow Way is that you will steer clear of the crowds, and be able to visit the sites and find the hidden gems of Cornwall, all without filling the lanes with another car.”

Since cyclists are expected to take three to four days to complete the route, it clearly isn’t an easy ride to conquer. However, Sophie adds, “that’s even more of an excuse to tuck into the excellent Cornish cuisine”!

Learn more about the planned route here.

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