Take A Trip Back In Time At A Totally Rad ’80s Vs ’90s Music Festival This January

Chloe Byrne Chloe Byrne - Staff Writer

Take A Trip Back In Time At A Totally Rad ’80s Vs ’90s Music Festival This January

All your favourites from the ’80s and ’90s are reuniting for a true showdown of the decades, taking to the stage in a battle of the bops to discover who takes the old-school crown. There’s no need for Doctor Who’s Tardis, the Terminator’s dystopian technology or Doc’s plutonium-powered DeLorean, this festival will transport you back in time as soon as the first note echoes from the speakers.

The epic event is set to light up Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester on January 29, with meet and greet opportunities, live performances and retro merchandise.

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This musical throwback boasts a lineup of chart-topping bands and singers including Five, Chesney Hawkes, 911, Vengaboys and Samantha Fox. As you watch them belt out their most popular numbers on stage you’ll have flashbacks to those good old days: clipping on your Walkman and rolling up your leg warmers for a Footloose-style dance in the lounge, or slipping out the lyrics booklet of your Spice Girl’s CD so you can perfectly memorise the verses (in between devouring a Woolworth’s pick ‘n’ mix).

The vibrant journey down memory lane doesn’t stop there, as the festival also has a variety of vendors selling retro garms and goods. Also, if you want to truly make it a day to remember, there’ll be meet and greets with the stars, so make sure to swing by your childhood room beforehand and grab that old poster for signing.

If you want to be the first to get your hands on tickets, you can grab yours now here and make sure you’re part of the crowd that will determine which decade comes out on top. In the meantime, why don’t you dust off that mixtape lying at the back of your car’s glove box and listen to some ’80s and ’90s pop classics?

Set times

3pm–3.30pm: 911

3.30pm–4.30pm: Lee Latchford-Evans

4.45pm–5.45pm: Chesney Hawkes

6.15pm–6.55pm: Rednex

7.15pm–7.45pm: Five

8pm–8.30pm: Samantha Fox

8.30pm–9.30pm: Gary Davis

9.30pm–10pm: Limahl

10.20pm–11pm: Vengaboys

80s vs 90s Festival: Vengaboys, Five, 911 and more!

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