20 Stories Receives Almost 1,000 Applications In Just 24 Hours For A Receptionist Role

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20 Stories Receives Almost 1,000 Applications In Just 24 Hours For A Receptionist Role

The sky-high bar and restaurant has been overwhelmed with the response.

D&D London, the folk behind Manchester’s swish 20 Stories bar and restaurant, has reported that they’ve received almost 1,000 applications for a receptionist role at the high-flying Spinningfields spot, in just a short period of 24 hours.

Unemployment figures across the country have risen significantly since the beginning of the UK lockdown, with many businesses closing down or making mass redundancies as a result of closures and reduced income. The jobcentre has reported a 126% increase in those claiming unemployment benefits in the UK, with total unemployment figures predicted to reach 4 million for the first time ever – according to Resolution Foundation, an independent think tank.

Credit: 20 Stories

20 Stories’ people team were forced to close applications for the receptionist position after being completely overwhelmed with applications, an indication of the sheer impact Coronavirus has had on hospitality jobs across the country.


Carol Cairnes, D&D London’s Director of People said: “The sheer number of applicants is staggering, we’ve never seen such a large number come through in such a short amount of time. Whilst it means we will have the pick of an incredibly large number of highly qualified candidates, it’s very sad to see how many people are in need of employment. I would love to be able to offer them all the position, but of course, that’s just not possible at this time.”

20 Stories has continued to attract Mancs with its stunning, panoramic views of the city, reporting that their first weekend back was completely booked out earlier this month.

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