16 Mancunian Dogs You Should Definitely Be Following On Instagram

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

16 Mancunian Dogs You Should Definitely Be Following On Instagram

For those days when you need to swoon over cute pups…

If there’s one thing we just can’t get enough of at the Secret Media offices, its dogs. From their little waggy tails to their loving personalities – can you blame us for our adoration? And with that in mind, it was only fitting that we shared the gorgeous Manchester-based pups we’ve been following on Instagram, so without further ado…

1. Stella, the Yorkshire Lab

The newest recruit here at Secret Manchester, Stella is a charming little labrador pup, who spends her days sashaying around like she owns the Secret Media office and fluttering her eyelashes for extra treats! We can’t blame her though, we would if we could. Check out her account to watch her grow from teeny tiny baby pup, to a big, derpy softy! You might even see some behind the scenes Secret Manchester action while you’re there… Follow her here.

2. Barkley, The Golden Dood

Mancunian Golden Doodle Barkley may only be a few years old, but he’s already stolen the hearts of the city and beyond. The fluffy, friendly giant has been putting his beauty to good use, too, already becoming a big-time model for Pets At Home. Barkley loves playing with his ball, sharing chips with his “Momager”, and, of course, getting up to mischief by stealing socks while he’s at home. Check out his Instagram and follow him here.

3. Rudy, of the Rudy’s

Ever wondered how Rudy’s Pizza got its name? Well, now you know. Founders Kate and Jim named the now-famous pizzeria the same name as their beloved sausage dog – and the little blonde pooch is absolutely adorable. Rudy’s regular adventures are documented on his Instagram, even visiting Rudy’s Birmingham pizzeria when it opened… Because he is the star of the show, after all. Keep up with Rudy here.

4. Maggie the English Bulldog

Maggie may only be a puppy, but she’s already racked up an impressive following on social media. The beautiful bulldog enjoys adventures around Manchester’s gorgeous Ancoats neighbourhood, stopping by hot spots such as Pollen and Cutting Room Square on the reg. What a suave little pup, eh? The rest of the time, Maggie likes to chill out on her balcony, wear matching outfits with Mum, and demand attention from anyone in the room… What else is a pup to do? Check out Maggie’s Instagram here.

5. Simba and Nala

Two Cavapoochons with a love for Man United and doggy treats, Simba and Nala make up an iconic duo – and their 13,000 followers think so, too. The gorgeous pooches are regularly spotted enjoying their lovely garden, catching up with their favourite furry friends, and of course, watching Man U play… When they’re not raiding their pawrent’s goodie stash, that is. Follow the duo here.

6. Wolversons Wolf Pack

An account full of doggo photos with a human element to it, Wolversons Wolf Gang is brutally honest, reminding us all that it’s ok to just be. There’s no baby doggy talk on this account, just stunning shots of a group of dog friends on their walks, with lengthy musings attached that are well worth the read for the reminder that us humans aren’t all perfect, and we’re going to feel a little lost sometimes (and we might need the odd pupper pic to cheer us up every now and then!). Check it out here.

7. Olive the Frenchie

A Manchester doggo living her best Manchester life, gorgeous Olive is a busy little pup – working in marketing by day, and hitting up city hotspots such as Gorilla and Fress when she’s finished delegating to her team at the office. The gorgeous French Bulldog loves to pose for photos with Mum, and has a better fashion sense than most of us, rocking her very own Comme Des Garçons-style jumper! What a little Queen. Follow Olive here.

8. Neela the Rescue Staffy

Seven-year-old Neela is a playful little doggo, regularly showing off her fun activities on her Instagram. From runs in the park, to getting dressed up for Halloween – Neela knows exactly how to have a good time. Just ask her about her mud baths and frisbee! When this gorgeous pooch isn’t being active, you’ll find her at home glued to her bed taking naps. Keep up with Neela here.

9. Manchester and Cheshire Dog’s Home

Ok, so not just one dog, but a worthy account to follow if you’re interested in dogs (and if you’re interested in owning one!). The dogs home regularly posts some of the beautiful Manchester doggos just waiting to find a new and loving home, from funny photos of the pups on their daily adventures to little bios about the ones in need of rehoming. There are some absolutely gorgeous dogs in need of new pawrents, so keep your eye on their Instagram page for updates here.

10. Barney, the Staffy/Lab Cross

Another gorgeous rescue, showing that adoption is always a great idea, Barney is a staffy crossed with a lab, with a beautiful golden coat and sparkling brown eyes. The Manchester doggo loves food, exploring and playing, and has a particular fondness for his tennis ball. When he’s not on a big walk, you’ll find Barney in the pub with his hoomans, snuggled up with a blanket or stealing the attention of his pawrents. Follow Barney here.

11. Frank, the Ancoats Frenchie

Frank the Frenchie can be regularly spotted taking cheeky naps when time allows, but he’s also quite the man about town. Frank loves getting about top Manchester bars and restaurants such as The Counter House, Ezra & Gil and Albert Schloss – and also enjoys day trips with the pawrents. What a cutie. Check out Frank’s Instagram here.

12. Teddy the Frenchie

Three-year-old Teddy is the quite the explorer, often heading out on trips with his family, meeting furry friends and checking out the beautiful countryside. If one thing’s clear from his Instagram, too, it’s that this lad loves food – being frequently spotted giving his owner the innocent stare whenever tasty grub’s about. See what Teddy’s drooling over next on his Instagram.

13. Ruby the Rescue Cocker Spaniel

Ruby is a stunning Cocker Spaniel living in Manchester, and was rescued by her owners from the loving team at the Dog’s Trust. Now, the gorgeous pupper spends her days chewing (namely shoes), visiting top venues such as Hawksmoor and Takk, and snuggling up in cosy spots at home. Where will Ruby go next? Find out on her Instagram here.

14. Rambo the French Bulldog

Another French Bulldog lighting up the faces of Mancs whenever he steps out the door, Rambo is a regular in Manchester city centre, often visiting spots such as Ezra & Gil, Mackie Mayor and Crazy Pedro’s. The fawn Frenchie loves his walkies, cuddles with his furry friends, and scenic strolls in the sun. Check out his adventures here.

15. Polly the Mini Dachshund

Gorgeous Polly is a teeny, weeny mini dachshund – strutting around Ancoats in Manchester making passersby smile (at least, we bet she does!). The little cutie loves to explore (we assume, for treats), regularly up to mischief around the house – and can also be seen dotting around Manchester on her walks with her parents. Follow Polly here.

16. Barney the Bulldog

A dog who has a social life better than all of us – Barney is a popular little guy who has a ton of doggy friends that he often meets up with (with photographic evidence that we’re extremely thankful for!). The adorable pupper gets out and about quite a lot, too, from the beach to local spots such as the Bay Horse Tavern. Beautiful Barney loves to play, too, but at home, he’s most likely found snoozing. Follow his life here.

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