10 Of The Most Productive Things You Can Do During Self-Isolation

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

10 Of The Most Productive Things You Can Do During Self-Isolation

Feel a bit like you’re stuck in that limbo between Christmas and New Year?

When it comes to learning new skills and bettering yourself, there really is no time like the present. And the present situation, in particular, means we have a whole lot of unexpected, newfound time on our hands to utilise. Instead of sulking in boredom, here are ten things you can be getting on with while you’re stuck indoors.

Learn a new language

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Gone are the days of buying a hard-to-follow book that translates English to the language of your choice. Learning a new language has never been easier, and what better time to finally learn all the rude words in Italian? There’s a ton of apps available on both iPhone and Android such as Duolingo, which take you through the basics in a course that lasts for as long as you need while you pick up the lingo. Especially perfect for those hoping to jet off on a trip later this year.

Have a home makeover

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Been putting off all the things you need to do around the house? Whether you’re renting or you own, we all have some improvements we’ve been planning to make the most out of our living space. It’s the perfect time to take on some of those jobs, whether its as small as moving your bed around, or completely repainting your bathroom. We’ll never get as much time at home as we have now!

Scrub up your culinary skills

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I, myself, am guilty of needing to finally get my cooking skills up to scratch – and with restaurants and bars closed for the foreseeable, all of us who are guilty of ditching the stove for the Uber Eats app have no choice. Whether it’s basic pasta you want to learn (if you can actually get hold of any) or something more complex like pizza from scratch, now’s your chance to crack out the recipe books and get practising. By the time lockdown is over, you’ll be rivalling Gordon Ramsay.

Take up a new activity

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Always wanted to learn Yoga? Or do you consider yourself a budding artist? As the days roll into one, there’s no better time to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Dig out any supplies you have from the ghosts of hobbies past and get comfy. We’re gonna be here a bit longer!

Set a reading target

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Stock up on books and engage your brain in something other than Netflix for a change. If you, like me, have a list of books as long as your arm you want to get through this year (or even just in your lifetime), make the most of your time at home and get working through those titles. Set a target to read a certain amount of pages every single day and engrain it in your daily routine to help reduce your screentime.

Watch films that have been on your watchlist for years

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Haven’t completed the top movies on IMDB? Or still meaning to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time like me? Make your way through classic movies to pass the time, or finally tick off everything on your watch list. Guaranteed, you probably have time to complete the whole list while we’re under lockdown.

Complete a game

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Conquer boredom by trying your hand at a bit of gaming. If you’re not an avid gamer already, there’s a whole host of games on the Nintendo Switch and iPhone/Android at the moment that self-isolators are going mad for. You’ve probably seen Animal Crossing trending on Twitter lately, as well as 90s kids becoming re-obsessed with The Sims while hiding out at home (including myself).

Start afresh

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Use this opportunity to start afresh by doing drastic things around the house like throwing out unused items, clearing out your wardrobe or even just erasing clutter from your phone and computer. We all have at least one tin of beans that’s a few too many years out of date, and now’s the perfect time to part ways with it. Think of it as a spring clean!

Kick bad habits

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Turn over a new leaf this quarantine and finally kick some of your bad habits (because we all have them) while you have no distractions. Whether it’s ordering in a little too frequently (problem solved since most places are closed!) or smoking, you have all the time in the world to tackle your vices while no one’s around. After all, there’s literally no one you can blame any temptation on right now.

Start a new daily routine

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Enjoying your daily quarantine walk? Do it at a time you’d usually be home from work, so you can inject your newfound routines into your day-to-day life. The same applies to other activities such as taking the time to cook dinner, practising yoga in the morning or even finding time to do a quick clean up around the living areas before work.

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