You Can Now Make Your Own Pink Vegan Burgers With These Amazing DIY Kits

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You Can Now Make Your Own Pink Vegan Burgers With These Amazing DIY Kits

The ultimate Valentine’s day treat.

Pimping up their burgers in style this February, much-loved Wholesome Junkies – who can usually be found slingin’ vegan burgers at Ancoats General Store – have released a limited-edition menu in celebration of Valentine’s Day, with bright pink burgers well and truly stealing the show.

Available as both a DIY kit and to pick up freshly made from their kitchen on Great Ancoats Street, the burgers feature hot pink buns, with both Asian-style and American-style fillings to choose from.

Credit: Wholesome Junkies

For fans of the classic American burger, the kit includes a choice of their vegan bacon cheeseburger or the Nashville chikn burger – as well as tasty sides and starters such as cheesy tater tots, fried chikn bites, and a dessert of your choice. The Asian menu features a number of classic faves, too, including the choice of a Kimchi vegan cheeseburger, sticky Korean chikn burger, Thai-style tater tots and chikn satay skewers with a pickled cucumber salad.

Dessert highlights include 100% plant-based cheesecakes and huge tiered chocolate cakes that are sure to make your mouth water.

Prices start at £25 per kit and are perfect for a Valentine’s Day at home alone, or for couples to enjoy together.

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