The Best Lockdown Foodie Kits From Manchester Restaurants That Are Perfect For Mother’s Day

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The Best Lockdown Foodie Kits From Manchester Restaurants That Are Perfect For Mother’s Day

Enjoy the flavours of your favourite spots at home this lockdown.

Missing your favourite restaurants? Us too. There’s nothing we’d love more than to be seated in a warm, bustling restaurant, wine in hand knowing some luscious grub is being made for us in the kitchen. We miss everything about eating out already. The ambience, the tastes, being waited on, but most importantly – the fact that the food tastes so much better than my daily pasta special. And helping us all to experience restaurant quality food throughout this second lockdown, a number of Manchester restaurants have adapted to the ‘new normal’, providing everything we’d need to prepare their meals fresh in our very own kitchens. Here are just some of the best lockdown kits you can get your hands on this month in Manchester.

1. Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Providing comforting Thai food for us to enjoy at home (without hopelessly trying to cook up your own dish), Rosa’s Thai Cafe are offering Pad Thai kits this time around, with literally every ingredient you’ll need to create yourself a bowl. Not only that, but there’ll be a Thai green curry box, too, both of which will be available to order from November 11th.

2. Northern Soul

Northern Soul’s G.I.Y boxes were pretty popular the first time around, and they’re helping us get our grilled cheese fix during lockdown 2.0, too. From the classic Soul grilled cheese, to a brand new Christmas creation that’s sure to be your latest obsession (coming soon!) – there’s a number of tasty options to try out this lockdown.

3. Proove Pizza

Launching recently at Proove, West Didsbury, Neapolitan pizza fans can now get hold of their very own bake at home pizzas (doughy crust included!) thanks to the much-loved South Manchester pizzeria. And differentiating themselves from the competition, they’ve even allowed you to choose whatever toppings you’d like to pop on yourself.

4. DD’s Burgers

Forget BBQ season, DD’s burgers are perfect all-year-round. Super stacked with soft buns and classic toppings, the kits have been available since the first national lockdown and can still be ordered with The Koffee Pot now. Not only that, but they’ve recently introduced a vegan version, too, so everyone can get involved. Kits cost just £20, with enough for two whopping double cheeseburgers.

5. Noi Quattro

Allowing customers to try their own hand at pizza making, Noi Quattro is delivering DIY kits including ready-proofed dough, tomato sauce, cheese and, of course, the all important cooking instructions. It’s the perfect way to have the fresh-out-of-the-oven experience at home while the restaurant is closed – and you can take all the credit. Win-win. The kits make pizza for two, and can be ordered on Deliveroo for just £11.

6. The Koffee Pot

Additionally to the DD’s Burger kits, The Koffee Pot is also offering up the ultimate D.I.Y fry up kits – with everything you need to create the perfect, greasy spoon full English. The full English kit costs £20, with enough to serve two. Customers can also pick up veggie and vegan fry ups, as well as a DIY pancake kit.

7. Hawksmoor

Bringing the Hawksmoor experience home, steak fans can now enjoy the special treat in the comfort of their own living rooms – with each kit including two 35-day dry-aged rib-eye steaks, chips, creamed spinach, Bone marrow & Maderia jus to make bone marrow gravy with, a sharing sticky toffee pudding, two Hawksmoor lagers, two Old Fashioneds and a bottle of vino. The full experience costs £125 for two, with a no-alcohol option also available for £85.

8. Six by Nico

Six by Nico is known for regularly touring the world with their fantastic cuisine, and during the lockdown, they’ll be bringing the experiences directly to our homes. Taking our taste buds to Bangkok this time, customers will be able to enjoy ready to enjoy courses including a starter, main, two sides, a cheese course and dessert. Each box will also come with a bottle of wine to compliment – with enough food for two. The boxes cost £60 each, which is a fantastic deal for high-quality restaurant cuisine.

9. Honest Burgers

Dropping 50 of these bad boys on November 10, fans of Honest Burgers can experience the flavours at home, with two buns, two Honest patties, cheese, bacon, herbs, sauces and even a bottle of bourbon to wash it all down with. The kits cost £24, plus £6 postage and will be available to purchase on their website on Tuesday.

10. Don Giovanni

Manchester’s oldest independent Italian restaurant, Don Giovanni, will be serving up their very own home kits this lockdown – each packed with everything you need to make to make either pizza or pasta. The Deliveroo menu includes Margherita pizza for two (£15), Diavola pizza for two (£18), gnocchi Pomodoro for two (£15) and penne arrabbiata for two (£15).

11. Dishoom

Providing the opportunity to experience their cult classic bacon naan roll at home this lockdown, Dishoom has created a kit with everything you’ll need to make yours – and they really do make the perfect breakfast. The kits come complete with fresh naan doughballs to roll out and bake yourself, bacon, tomato-chilli jam, coriander and cream cheese – replicating the iconic breakfast experience in the comfort of our own homes.

12. Solita

Newly introduced for lockdown 3.0, Solita has finally given us the ultimate way to enjoy their burgers – with a variety of lockdown kits specially created so you can enjoy them as fresh as possible. Offering three options: the ‘Catalan’, the ‘Chalet Girl’ and the ‘Walk of Shame’, fans of the restaurant can recreate their Wagyu goodness at home – with the meat, buns, toppings and sauces all included.

13. Wholesome Junkies

Re-launching just this week, one of Manchester’s favourite vegan spots has brought back their very own DIY kits – including hot dogs and burgers. Each kit comes complete with either two burgers, two hotdogs or one of each, as well as a side of tater tots and add ons such as their Chikn Bites and tasty desserts.

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