Study Reveals The UK’s Most And Least Renter-Friendly Cities—And Mancs Might Be Surprised

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Study Reveals The UK’s Most And Least Renter-Friendly Cities—And Mancs Might Be Surprised

The best and worst cities to rent in have been revealed, in a recent study by Insulation Express.

It’s probably no secret to any readers that renting in Manchester can be, put simply, bloomin’ expensive. Kissing goodbye to most of your monthly salary on day one is just part-and-parcel with getting somewhere nice in the city, I’m afraid. And, according to these findings, it might be worse than we originally thought…

UK’s most renter-friendly cities

Plymouth narrowly beat Edinburgh to clinch the UK top spot, with a rent-friendly percentage of 100%. But London managed to claim the number six spot in the ‘best’ list, which may come as a shock to many. Unsurprisingly, the capital scored badly on ‘percentage of income spent on rent’ at a staggering 64%—double what renting champions Plymouth pay at 32%. But what it lost there it made up for in some of the lowest eviction rates at 0.5%, and smaller annual rent-rises at 1.2%. Take a look at the full ‘best’ table below.

UK’s least renter-friendly cities

It’s not pretty reading for Luton, Leicester, Reading, and us Mancs who complete the top four least renter-friendly cities. Luton and Manchester have high eviction rates at 22.3% and 20.3% respectively, while Leicester suffers from a high-annual rent-rise at 2.1%.


No prizes for guessing that London is the most expensive place to live in Britain. In terms of percentage of salary going towards rent, London (64%) is followed by Reading (49%), Bristol (42.9%), Luton (41.1%) and Edinburgh (38.9%).

Derby takes the crown for the cheapest place to rent compared to salary, with only 22% going towards rent. It’s followed by Sunderland (23%), Stoke-On-Trent (23.2%), Newport (23.3%) and Hull (24.4%).

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