Channel 4 Is Looking For Mancs To Give Abandoned Dogs Forever Homes For This Wholesome Show

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Channel 4 Is Looking For Mancs To Give Abandoned Dogs Forever Homes For This Wholesome Show

The Dog House is returning for a third season, and they need wannabe dog owners to take part!

According to PETA, at any given moment there are approximately 100,000 homeless dogs in the UK, all in need of loving homes to call their own. And helping to raise further awareness of the issue is Channel 4’s hit show The Dog House, which has officially been renewed for a third season with animal charity Wood Green.

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The first and second seasons of the heartwarming series saw Wood Green set up hidden cameras in their rescue centre, tracking the behaviours and lifestyles of wannabe dog owners in a bid to help them find the perfect pet. The footage allowed the charity to determine which humans and dogs had the most chemistry to make the perfect match. The process typically takes 12 weeks of analysing, eventually leading to the beautiful rescue pups finally finding their forever homes. And now, Mancs can experience the magical process for themselves.

Returning to Wood Green in Cambridgeshire, production company Five Mile Films has announced that they’re on the hunt for potential dog owners to take part in the new season, helping to provide much-needed homes for the wonderful dogs that currently reside at Wood Green. The shelter sees an array of breeds of all shapes, colours and sizes pass through their doors, with tons of dogs in need in the wake of the pandemic puppy boom.

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The casting call reads: “We’re heading back to Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire, where the team of expert dog-matchers are ready to introduce you to your perfect pooch.

“We’re looking for people who can offer a lifelong home to a rescue dog, and would be happy to share their reasons for doing so. If this sounds like you, then CLICK HERE TO APPLY.”

The show, which runs in a similar, uplifting format to First Dates, has been warming hearts since it debuted just two years ago, with viewers watching as numerous dogs put on their bravest faces and give their biggest tail wags to prospective pawrents.

Credit: Channel 4

Wood Green has a team of over 60 dedicated workers who help find new homes for the pups they rescue every single year, providing shelter, care and expert advice to pet owners. The charity has three centres based in London, Heydon and Godmanchester, and takes in hundreds of dogs every year for rehoming.

Find out more about how you can take part in the show here.

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