A Sausage Roll-Pie Hybrid Now Exists In Manchester And Its The Stuff Of Northern Dreams

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

A Sausage Roll-Pie Hybrid Now Exists In Manchester And Its The Stuff Of Northern Dreams

Pies, glorious pies. They’re an absolute institution here up North – with literally a pie invented for every meal. And just when we thought they couldn’t possibly get any more superior, they have.

Unveiling a brand new creation over on their Instagram, Manchester-based Potter’s Pies have designed an ‘ode to Gregg’s’, combining the classic steak bake and beloved sausage roll into one meaty, juicy pie. A mother-son duo who started their business just this month, Potter’s Pies are absolute pros when it comes to baking up flaky, delicious pies, bringing a collective 60 years of experience in the kitchen to the exciting new business.

Consisting of tasty sausages and steak chunks, the pie features a stuffed base packed full of steak and gravy, before being topped with individually wrapped sausage rolls that top off the pie before being encased with a crusty top.

Speaking of the creation, Potter’s Pies said on their Instagram: “King of the Steak Bake and the Sausage Roll, I’ve combined the two into a pie to salute Greggs and all that they’ve done for hangovers over the years.

“It was touch and go as to whether this would even work, but after rolling out the sausage rolls and egg washing them into place on top of the steak – I knew it was going to be a winner!”

Launching back in August at the Ancoats Pop-Up Market on Radium Street, Potter’s Pies have so far teased a menu packed full of classics – including the cheese and onion pie, a corned beef hash pie, pulled pork sausage rolls and so much more. The menu changes depending on what’s available, and you can find out more here.

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