Crazy Pedro’s Latest Pizza Topping Is So Wrong It’s Definitely Right

By Laura O'Neill

Flash your frites at Crazy Pedro’s this July!

It’s time for a summer bonanza and Pedro is getting cheeky with his new, naughty July special, ‘Get Your Frites Out’, which promises the classic steak and fries combo, but on a pizza.

The bar/pizza joint, which is famous for its wacky but delicious pizza toppings and has a different creation on offer each month is offering a Pedro take on the classic French favourite, steak frites. And promises to be the perfect recipe to satisfy the most gargantuan of appetites!

‘Get Your Frites Out’ combines a secret tomato base topped with juicy steak, mushrooms, sweet potato fries, peppercorn sauce and finished with a sprinkle of watercress. Grab a slice or go full-on with a whole 16-inch pizza.


Crazy Pedro’s has restaurants in Bridge Street and Short Street and is open Monday-Sunday from 12pm to 4am. So you can start in the afternoon with their special lunch offer: two slices and a drink for £5, available from 12pm to 3pm, and stay until the late am. No bookings, no table service, just head straight to the bar and order away – no drama, all chills. Hasta La Pizza baby! 

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