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Netflix’s New True Crime Docuseries Promises Take Viewers Inside The Mind Of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

By Laura O'Neill

Take a trip into the disturbed mind of the heinous serial killer who murdered dozens of women and terrorized a nation: Ted Bundy.

Over the past few years, Netflix has been cashing in on our obsession with all things true crime. The streaming service has provided a host of documentaries dedicated to the lives and crimes of some of the world’s most notorious killers, as well as investigations into police corruption with the likes of Making A Murderer and The Innocent Man gripping audiences around the world.

And this time the Netflix Gods have served up something extra special for their somewhat morbid fans, with previously unheard interviews with serial killer Ted Bundy.

Conversations With A Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes will bring the infamously twisted mind of serial killer Ted Bundy into the light for the very first time and promises to ‘invade our psyche in a fresh yet terrifying way’ through exclusive, never-before-heard interviews from the ‘Jack the Ripper of the United States,’ himself.


The unique docu-series will focus on a man whose personality, good looks and social graces defied the serial-killer stereotype, allowing him to hide in plain sight as he committed the brutal sex-crime slayings of more than 30 women before being caught in 1978. And even while on trial, Bundy received extraordinary adoration from American women, which made his gruesome crimes doubly haunting.

Photo: Netflix

Conversations With A Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes will be available to watch on Netflix from January 24. To see what else is coming to Netflix this year, click here.