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There Could Be Snow In Greater Manchester This Week As The Met Office Is Predicting Temperatures Of Two Degrees

By Laura O'Neill

You’ll definitely need your big coat.

No, it’s not an April fools joke. After lulling us into a false sense of security with temperatures of up to 17 degrees over the last couple of weeks, the weather gods are about to punish us with rain, frost and temperatures as low as two degrees.

Photo: made_inthe_80s

A spokesman for the Met Office said It will rain later this evening, and the wet weather will continue into the early hours. There will be some clearer spells towards dawn, but a few heavy showers are also expected before things turn colder, with snow possible on the hilltops and a minimum temperature of two degrees.

The spokesman said we should expect things to feel colder and breezier tomorrow, with sunshine interrupted by frequent April showers, including some hail or thunder. And it will be cold enough for some snow, mainly on high ground.


Photo: lisageor

And towards the end of the week showers or longer spells of rain will affect most areas at times, and it could get quite windy too. It will be colder than recently, with overnight frost for many.

Read the full forecast here.

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