Manchester Is Set To Be Sprinkled With Snow For The First Time This Year

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

Manchester Is Set To Be Sprinkled With Snow For The First Time This Year

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Manchester is set to receive its first dusting of snow this winter, with snow forecast across the North today (24 February). Best wrap up warm, Mancunians!

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Weather warnings are in full force, with Met Office advising the public that snow and rain will likely create delays for those travelling by both road and train, even predicting potential public transport cancellations (but we all know by now it doesn’t need to snow for that to happen!). Western parts of Manchester, Salford and Bolton remain unscathed by the weather warnings, so if you live in those areas you can sit smugly knowing the rest of us will be shivering away in the icy weather.

Flooding is also expected, with rural communities warned they may be “cut off” as a result of today’s weather. The Met Office also warns that power cuts could happen and mobile services could also be affected. Lovely.

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The weather warning is in place until 3pm today, with Manchester city centre and surrounding areas, Bury and Stockport mostly affected. Snow is also forecast for parts of Manchester this Thursday, with updates expected to follow as we near closer to the date.

No warnings are in place for the rest of the week, luckily, so we can all return to our pessimistic assumption that it’ll be raining in Manchester for the foreseeable future.

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