Manchester Has Been Named One Of The Most Expensive Places To Rent In Europe

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Manchester Has Been Named One Of The Most Expensive Places To Rent In Europe

It ranked in the top 10.

Manchester is truly a great place to live. From the friendly take-us-as-we-come people, to the diverse metropolis the city has to offer – we get a whole lot more for our money than our London counterparts. But while that’s true, it turns out we pay a bit of a premium to enjoy all that wonderful Mancunia has to offer – something that all city centre dwellers will know all too well.

Delving into a bit of research about which cities across Europe will empty your pockets the most, Mashroom compiled data on a number of popular cities around the continent – using Deloitte’s Property Index 2019 to work out which cities provided the highest rent rates per m2.

Unsurprisingly, London made the top three, sitting just behind Paris and Oslo. The UK city regularly hits headlines thanks to its teeny, expensive and sometimes utterly bizarre property offerings – and has been officially named as the most expensive place to buy a house in the UK.

Coming in at number 7, Manchester turned out to cost £13.35 a month per m2, which, if you were on a budget, wouldn’t get you much space to swing a cat in. It’s no secret that rental homes in our beloved city have surged in price over the past few years, with areas such as Ancoats and Castlefield seeing huge developments and attracting young professionals from all over the country – young professionals who are willing to pay the high price to live in one of Manchester’s plush, converted mills once used during the Industrial Revolution.

Other areas of Europe ranked similarly to Manchester, including Rome, Warsaw and Madrid – however, it’s assumed that the prices there are set higher as a result of high tourism levels.

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