A ‘Happy To Chat’ Bench Is Coming To Altrincham

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A ‘Happy To Chat’ Bench Is Coming To Altrincham

Say hello as you walk past or stop for a chat.

Loneliness is a serious health condition that researchers say can have the same risks as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Photo: Altrincham Matters

In a bid to combat the rising rates of isolation in Greater Manchester community group, Altrincham Matters, has raised funds for a ‘Happy To Chat’ bench, where those in need of a good chin wag can take a seat and shoot the breeze.

A spokesman for the group said the new seat will be unveiled in Timperley Village on February 29 and will be a great way to ensure those who need help can be heard.

The bench, which will be the second to pop up in Altrincham, will feature a sign that reads: “Happy to chat bench. Sit here if you don’t mind someone stopping to say hello.”

Photo: Altrincham Matters

So those who choose to sit on the bench will be signalling to others that they are up for a chat or are willing to listen to and engage with others in their community.

While The Stonemasons Arms, based in Timperley’s Stockport Road, will be taking inspiration from Fleabag’s chatty Wednesdays and launching a Happy To Chat Table from February 29.

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