The Cosy Double Decker Bus Serving Up Delicious Bao Buns & Vietnamese Street Food

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The Cosy Double Decker Bus Serving Up Delicious Bao Buns & Vietnamese Street Food

The kind of bus that never disappoints.

In a mini world tucked away where shipping containers double up as cosmopolitan bars and street food restaurants, it’s not entirely unusual to board a double-decker bus and find yourself immersed in the scents and flavours of top tier Vietnamese cuisine. In fact, that’s exactly the experience that guests are greeted with at Hanoi 75.

Credit: Hanoi 75

Found at the bustling Hatch complex – which is a permanent place to call home for local street food vendors – Hanoi 75 has been a long-term resident in the city centre, offering up a casual and modern approach to traditional Vietnamese dishes.

A warming and comforting cuisine, the restaurant has taken inspiration from Viet dishes not only throughout its menu, but within its decor, too – creating a cosy and homely environment using rich tones, wooden panelling and textured fabrics more synonymous with the cuisine’s homeland.

Credit: Hanoi 75

Offering seating both inside its beautiful bus and outdoors within Hatch, guests can soak up the sunshine or take refuge on the top deck – as well as under Mancunian Way within the hustle and bustle of the wider, lively venue. It’s a place where the food can be suited to whatever the weather – with sweet, sticky, deep-flavoured dishes to chow down on come rain or shine.

Credit: Hanoi 75

Serving up a concise, yet highly satisfying menu of Viet-inspired grub, guests can enjoy an array of fluffy Bao Buns; including sticky chicken, pepper steak and hoisin & soy tofu, rainbow and summer rolls, warm noodle salads and pho – as well as their unique ‘Disco Fries’ – which are topped with sticky chicken, crisp fried egg, chilli mayo, crispy shallots, Asian slaw and garlic sriracha (a huge hit over here with the Secret Manchester team).

Racking up two years as an inhabitant of Hatch, in just a short time Hanoi 75 has managed to cement itself as one of the city’s go-to places for Vietnamese cuisine, throwing a spotlight on the previously underappreciated dishes that are so delectable and so comforting, that they deserve the same dominion as the popular dishes from India and China that have reigned supreme here in the UK for decades.

Credit: Hanoi 75

Open Tuesday-Sunday from 12 noon, guests can even book directly with Hanoi 75, or request a walk-in table at Hatch’s main entrance, with all dishes and a selection of Asian beers available to order directly to your table. Find out more here.

Hanoi 75 can be found at Hatch, 103 Oxford Rd, M1 7ED.

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