FriendsFestive Is Coming To Blackpool And We’re Fine, Totally Fine

Tamsin Salfrais Tamsin Salfrais - Branded Content Creator


We all have our favourites. The One With The Jellyfish. The One With The Red Sweater. The One Where Ross Finds Out. Whether we’re ill in bed, snacking on the sofa, or catching a quick five minutes relaxation between errands, an episode of Friends is sure to be there for you (see what we did there?) Well, now’s your chance to relive the decade of laughs, lobsters and leather pants at FriendsFestive, presented by the Luna Cinema. Tickets are available here.

FriendsFestiveComing to Blackpool Winter Gardens between November 5–19, the festive edition of FriendFest offers an immersive experience that celebrates the legendary TV show. There’s a whole host of activities to do on site, including entering the Holiday Armadillo’s grotto, recreating Ross and Monica’s iconic routine, and visiting your favourite sets, all dressed up for silly season. See if you can spot Ugly Naked Guy out the window at Monica and Rachel’s apartment, and then kick back on the Lazy Boys at Chandler and Joey’s.

FriendsFestiveAfter you’ve bagged a photo opp at Central Perk, don’t forget to grab a real bite at the Friends-themed food stalls and cocktail bar, as you watch some of the show’s best moments on the big screen. The whole experience usually takes around two hours, with a 30-minute slot for the set tour experience (at the apartments), but you can make like the characters during The One Where No One’s Ready and take as long as you like. Unless, like Ross, you have an awards ceremony to attend, of course.

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