Coffee Lovers Can Get Their Face Printed On A Cappuccino At This Manchester Cafe

Get a faceful of your own face!

We didn’t think one of our favourite lunch spots could get any better. But the people at Frankie’s Toasties have ramped up the novelty factor with a selfie coffee machine that lets customers have their photos printed on a cappuccino.

Photo: lippylad

Brighten a dreary morning with a ‘selfieccino’ or better yet, gift it to a colleague and frighten the life out of them. Customers can have a picture of their mug printed in coffee on top of their milk foam for £3.90. And, according to owner Barry Chui, Frankie’s is the first place in Manchester to offer this service on a coffee.

Frankie’s, the UK’s first toastie restaurant, opened in Portland Street in October and offers a range of ‘straight up’ toasties with a selection of outrageously good fillings. Including the cheap and cheeseful classic cheese toastie as well as more eccentric options, such as Bloody Mary, hot dogs, ramen, alphabet spaghetti and super noodles.

Photo: Frankie’s Toasties

And for those with a sweet tooth (or those who fancy a second-course dessert toastie), diners can fill their sandwiches with Nutella, apple and custard, peanut butter and jam, Caramac, Mars, Galaxy, Boost and more!

Check out the full menu here.

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