A Toastie Restaurant Is Coming To Manchester And The Fillings Look Outrageously Good

Toastie lovers are in for a treat!

Photo: Frankiestoasties

Toasties are the ultimate convenience food, all you need is bread, cheese and fire and you’ve got yourself a tasty sandwich.

The UK’s first toastie restaurant will open in Manchester this month, offering ‘straight up’ toasties with a selection of outrageously good fillings. Frankie’s Toasties will open in Portland Street on Monday (October 22) and will be serving sandwiches from 7.30am (hello breakfast toasties)!

Photo: Frankie’s Toasties

Diners can expect a choice of savoury fillings, including the cheap and cheeseful classic cheese toastie as well as more eccentric options, such as Bloody Mary, hot dogs, ramen, alphabet spaghetti and super noodles. And for those with a sweet tooth (or those who fancy a second-course dessert toastie), diners can fill their sandwiches with Nutella, apple and custard, peanut butter and jam, Caramac, Mars, Galaxy, Boost and more!

Check out the full menu here.

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