The UK’s Getting A Dog TV Channel Designed To Help Ease Anxiety In Pooches

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

dog tv

It’s just been bonfire night and those of us with pets know how stressful it can be for our furry friends, but it’s not just the fireworks this time of year that heighten their anxiety levels. Sometimes just being left alone can be enough to make a dog anxious and it’s heartbreaking to know that your pet could be pacing, destroying things, or waiting by the door all day whilst you’re away at work.

Sometimes people leave the radio on for their dogs to try and give them a bit of company when they’re on their own for a while, but soon we’ll have something even better than that to soothe our pups – Dog TV! It sounds like exactly the kind of binge-worthy TV the UK needs whilst also offering useful information on how to care for your dog.  Content will include advice from celebrity dog trainer Laura Nativo on how to care for anxious dogs and help alleviate their anxiety.

If that weren’t cute enough, the format of the channel is designed specifically to soothe dogs, from the frequency of the audio to the lighting and colours on the screen. All of this has been designed with the advice of experts who literally spend their lives devoted to the wellbeing of pets with the aim of relaxing pets, and even making them go to sleep. This sounds perfect even for people who work from home because, as we all know, it can be stressful for a pet to feel as though they’re being ignored whilst you work.

You’ll be able to watch Dog TV online, on Apple TV and on some smart TVs, and it’s already available in several countries, including the USA, China, Portugal, Brazil, France, Australia, and South Korea. It’s proven popular enough in those countries to expand the channel to the UK, and just as the pandemic has been difficult on humans it has also had an impact on plenty of four-legged friends so now seems like the perfect time to introduce it over here. Now, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but wouldn’t it be great to have a Cat TV too?

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