Crazy Pedro’s Has Teamed Up With Tokyo Ramen To Create This Month’s Outrageous Special

By Laura O'Neill

This is not a drill!

You heard it here first (hopefully), Crazy Pedro’s has teamed up with their noodle lovin’ neighbours, Tokyo Ramen, to launch their most iconic creation yet, introducing ‘Send Noodz’.

The result of some playful Instagram comments, Pedro’s first collaboration has been tweaked and perfected over the past few months with the guys from Tokyo Ramen, Danny Collins & Ben Humphreys, marrying the flavours of traditional Japanese Ramen and everyone’s favourite pizza.

‘Send Noodz’ makes a bowl of ramen so sexy and combines a Tan Tan spicy sauce on Pedro’s tomato base topped with chicken coated in chicken salt (Tokyo Ramen top-secret recipe), deep-fried ramen noodles, a sprinkle of spring onions, sweetcorn mayo and finished off with Red Dragon sauce. Grab a slice or go full-on with a whole 16-inch pizza.

Available for the month of October, come on boys and girls, those noodz need to be enjoyed, get yourself down to Pedro’s and go wild. Ramen on pizza, yeah baby, now we’re talking!


Pedro’s is the place where the party never ends. Open 7 days a week from 12pm to 4am, you can start at lunchtime with their special lunch offer: two slices and a drink for £5 or get a beer for an extra pound available from 12pm to 3pm and stay until the late am – plus they’ve got the best Mezcal in town to keep you going.

No bookings, no table service, just head straight to the bar and order away – no drama, all chills. Hasta La Pizza baby!

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