Captain Tom Moore Has Just Completed His 100 Laps And Raised Over £12m For The NHS

By Georgie Hoole

Captain Tom Moore has just completed 100 laps around his garden.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the legend that is Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year-old who’s been walking laps around his garden in order to raise money for the NHS. He started out with a £1,000 target, but has surpassed a whopping £12m in just a week. Donations had reached £5m just yesterday morning (April 15).

He set out to walk 100 laps of his garden, doing 10 laps of the 25-metre loop a day, all before he turns 100 at the end of the month. It was his way of saying thank you to the NHS for all the help they’ve given him over the years.

Tom was born and brought up in Keighley, Yorkshire, and was later enlisted in 8 DWR (the eight battalion of the Duke of Welington’s Regiment) at the beginning of the war, and was selected for Officer training in 1940. He was later posted to 9DWR in India, and served and fought on the Arakan.

BBC Breakfast announced this morning that he has completed his final 10 laps. As he finished he said, “I feel fine, I hope you’re all feeling fine, too”.


It really is a spectacular achievement. A very happy birthday to you, Tom!

If you’d like to support Tom’s walk, head to his fundraising page here.