This Manchester Cafe Is Giving Away ‘Squid Game’-Themed Dalgona Treats This Month

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This Manchester Cafe Is Giving Away ‘Squid Game’-Themed Dalgona Treats This Month

Think you could take on the game?

If you, unlike me, have watched more than one episode of Squid Game because you’re not a complete wuss, you’ll probably be familiar with the dalgona. A honeycomb toffee treat that’s popular in Korean schools, the delicious spongey candy became the subject of one of Squid Game‘s many nostalgic characters, seeing the contestants forced to carve out the shape in nail-biting time or face deadly consequences.

Luckily for us, we can try the now internationally-recognised treat without the threat of death – thanks to the kind souls at the Corn Exchange’s A Nice Sip, who are actually giving them out to customers for free throughout the month of October.

Served to all customers who purchase two regular priced drinks, guests will be gifted with a dalgona candy with either a triangle, circle, star, or umbrella to cut out – with no crazy time limit set, fortunately for us Mancs. Customers can choose from either regular fruit tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or more traditional Oolong tea to qualify for the freebie – with a limited number up for grabs daily.

A Nice Sip specialises in Taiwan bubble tea, with tons of delicious drinks on the menu to try. Find them at the Corn Exchange, Fennel St, M4 3TR. 

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