Here’s All The Places You’ll Be Required To Wear A Face Mask From Today

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Here’s All The Places You’ll Be Required To Wear A Face Mask From Today

Masks and face coverings are compulsory in most public places from today.

As the country continues to fight against the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK, the government has officially made the use of face masks and coverings mandatory as of today, Friday 24th July. In a bid to control the spread and reduce droplet transmissions between members of the public, there’s a number of places in particular that we’ll need to follow the strict rule (with £100 fines given to those who don’t!). But where exactly does this new rule apply?

Supermarkets and convenience stores

Whether you’re heading to Aldi to do your weekly shop or popping to Tesco for a quick meal deal, you’ll be required to wear your mask at all times while in shops.

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The Post Office

Just as you’ll be required to wear your mask in Tesco, you’ll also need to wear it at the Post Office, too – even if you’re only in there for a minute.

Sandwich shops and takeaway food spots

Lunch spots such as Pret, Gregg’s and McDonald’s as well as regular sandwich shops, coffee shops and anywhere else you pop in for takeaway food or drink requires you to wear a mask inside from today.


Retail/non-essential stores

The new rule for wearing masks in non-essential stores such as clothing shops, home shops and more also extends to shopping centres as a whole. You’ll be required to wear your mask at all times when visiting a shopping centre (the Trafford Centre has officially enforced this rule) – whether you’re in a shop or not.


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Banks and building societies are on the government’s list of places you’ll be required to wear a mask or covering.

On public transport and within stations and airports

The use of masks on public transport was already mandatory before today, but even more so now that the public has been told to use buses and trains again in day-to-day life. The rule also extends to bus stations, train stations and airports.

Is there anywhere I won’t be required to wear a mask?

Yes. The government hasn’t imposed any rules on the use of masks at gyms and leisure centres, cinemas and theatres, bars and restaurants, hotels, hairdressers and salons, and pubs. While this is the case, it’s worth checking individual venues to see if they have their own rules, as many hairdressers and salons do.

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