10 Things You Still Can’t Do In The UK, Despite Lockdown Being Lifted

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10 Things You Still Can’t Do In The UK, Despite Lockdown Being Lifted

There are still restrictions in place to keep us safe from the virus.

2020 has sure been the year of change, with the Coronavirus pandemic really shaking up the way we live our lives. Gone are the days that we speak to our colleagues in the office, work off the weekend’s snacks at the gym or even simply have a sing-a-long in the pub with our mates. But it’s not all doom and gloom, with most UK restrictions now lifted – allowing us to lead similar lives like those we were pretty cosy with pre-Corona.

While we can now reunite with friends and visit some of our favourite bars and restaurants, here are all the things we still can’t do in the UK – for now.

1. Hang out with more than one other household

Restrictions currently limit the number of households able to join together in one house, allowing just two different households to meet under one roof. There are currently no planned changes to this rule – however, you are not limited to meeting with just one chosen household, and can meet with another household on a separate occasion if you wish.

2. Get your eyebrows waxed

Beauty salons have been given the go-ahead to re-open from this month, however, facial treatments are banned until further notice. There is currently no indication when this rule will be lifted.

3. Get your nails done

There is still a restriction on when you can have treatments at beauty salons, including nail treatments. The restriction won’t last long, however, and you’ll be able to return to your beloved nail technician from Monday July 13th.

4. Have a massage

Due to the amount of contact required during a massage, there is currently still limitations on receiving a massage as a treatment. The restrictions are expected to end soon, however, with some therapists beginning to offer appointments again from July 13th. Others will be implementing safety measures so they can reopen later this month.

5. Hang out in groups of more than 6

We are currently unable to meet in groups of more than six people – with the exception of meeting at people’s houses (which is limited to two households, regardless of the number of people). This rule is not expected to change yet, and is being implemented in bars and restaurants, too.

6. Sing in the pub

Patrons are currently banned from singing, shouting, and dancing in pubs – with bars and restaurants advised to keep music levels down to allow people to speak at a reasonable level. This rule was implemented to reduce people raising their voices and standing, which could cause virus particles to spread easier due to lack of social distancing. This rule won’t apply to outdoor gigs, however, which are set to resume from July 11th.

7. Go to the gym

Gyms have been forced to remain closed (despite the reopening of pubs and restaurants), causing much disappointment for those looking to whip themselves back into shape after four months in the house. While the restriction does still stand, it won’t be for much longer – with gyms and leisure centres permitted to reopen from July 25.

8. Travel abroad

International travel for non-essential purposes remains banned under the current lockdown regulations, and there is currently no update on when this will be lifted. While we can’t go jetting off to a sunny island of our choice just yet, staycations have been permitted – so we can enjoy the natural beauty the UK has to offer, with hotel stays now allowed.

9. Go to a gig

Gigs continue to be banned under the Coronavirus rules, however, those who prefer a more festival vibe can rejoice, since the rules are set to be lifted for outdoor gigs from July 11. This means that pubs can host performers in beer gardens, and other outdoor performances which allow for social distancing and have limited attendees can go ahead.

10. Share a car with someone outside of your household

While you can visit another household now, you still can’t cadge a lift off your mate due to the lack of social distancing being in a car allows for. There is currently no update on when this restriction will be lifted, so you’ll probably have to get an Uber for now. Just don’t forget your mask!

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